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Whether it’s learning how to style your natural curls, or finding out the best techniques and products to use to combat frizz and define your curls – we’ve got you covered. The team of curly hair specialists at David Youll Hair Salon in Paignton can identify your curl type, pattern and hair texture and will help you to understand what works best for you. They will happily tackle the most unruly of curls and will deliver a beautiful haircut and colour that suits your individual face shape, skin tone and personality.

From soft, loose natural curls to tight corkscrew ringlets and everything in between, we will work with you to achieve a fashionable curly hairstyle you will love.

Please note: A skin test is required 48 hours prior to having a colour application

Curly Hair Products

Curly haircare products don't have to be expensive. You can start with just one or two and then build up over time. Rest assured we will advise you on what products you need to keep your hair looking great long after you've left the salon.

To keep coloured hair looking healthy and feeling strong it's recommended to have regular conditioning treatments. We are BIG on hair care and understand how important it is to maintain your mane at home. We offer a wide variety of effective, high-performing hair treatments including Olaplex and Eufora, which are designed to hydrate, condition, and control frizz. Whatever your hair concern, make sure you talk to one of our experts who can suggest the most appropriate treatment for your particular hair type.

Diffusing Curly Hair To Stop Frizz

The expert stylists at David Youll advise you to work with, not against your unique natural hair texture and curl pattern. Diffusing curly hair can help to massively reduce frizz, define curls and speed up blow-drying time. Start by adding a little styling product before gently cupping the tips of your hair, and scrunching small sections working up towards the roots. Try not to be too rough or move the hairdryer around as this can break curls patterns and cause flyaways. Take your time! Keep the heat on a low setting rather than blasting hot air to ensure your curls are beautifully enhanced.

Best Hair Cuts For Curly Hair

The curly hair specialists in Paighton's David Youll salon, understand that cutting curls is not the same as cutting straight hair and have had specialist training on how to deliver beautiful styles that really ‘work’. There are lots of options when choosing a hairstyle for curly and wavy hair. Your stylist will work with you to ensure you get a wearable that works with the natural movement of your hair. Popular looks include bobs, lobs, layered styles and relaxed beach-style waves. Why not add a pop of hair colour to complete your hair trnasformation? From balayage and ombre, to vibrant fashion shades and pastel colours, our specialists really do have the skill, knowledge and expertise to deliver a sensational hair colour.

We know that two days are never the same with curls! Bring along any pictures of when you have loved how your curly hair looked and also pictures of the times your curls, waves & kinks have not behaved themselves! Together we will help you rock your curls effortlessly! Need more #curly hair ideas? Visit our Instagram page which is packed full of the latest hair cutting & colouring trends to inspire your next look!

Men’s Curly Hair

If you are looking for the best salons in Devon for men's curly hairstyles then you are in the right place. Our skilled stylists use precision hair cutting to create versatile curly hairstyles for gents. Flaunt the curly texture of your hair with a low fade style with curly top, classic short back and sides with length left on top to showcase voluminous curls & tousled waves, or opt for a tapered bed head look for a relaxed vibe. 

How Much Will My Curly Hair Appointment Cost?

Pricing depends on the Stylist level you select. View our full-service menu and price list. Please note, new clients will be asked to have a consultation and a skin test is required at least 48 hours prior to hair colouring appointments.

Book Your Complimentary Curly Hair Consultation

The first step towards making the most of your natural curls is booking a complimentary consultation at David Youll Hair Salon in Paignton, Devon. Your stylist needs to understand what goals you have for your hair. They will have a chat with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique curls, hair type and lifestyle. Our in-depth consultations are completely free of charge so please take the time to talk to your stylist to explain the looks you like.

To book your curly hair consultation, call our friendly and professional team by calling 01803 524416 or book online.