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Hair Treatments at David Youll Hairdressing Salon in Paignton

Ensuring your hair looks amazing and is in the best condition is our priority at David Youll Hair Salon in Paignton which is why we offer some of the best hair treatments around.  We can protect and repair your hair using the fantastic OLAPLEX hair treatment, and have an array of Eufora treatments designed to leave your hair looking healthy and shiny and feeling super soft and nourished.  All our treatments are free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens too! Please take a moment to talk to your stylist about your hair concerns - we are always happy to recommend the best treatment or solution for you.

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Protect & Repair Your Hair with OLAPLEX

OLAPLEX is can be used as a stand alone treatment or added during your hair colouring service to help protect your locks during the chemical process.  Using OLAPLEX will help to strengthen and repair your hair, leaving it shiny and with vibrant colour.

Olaplex hair treatments, david youll hair salon, paignton, devonHow Does OLAPLEX Work?

OLAPLEX targets each hair strand, reconnecting the hair bonds, to help stop it breaking.   OLAPLEX™ which leave the hair feeling softer and looking healthier.  It will targets and improve dry, brittle and over processed hair and you will see an improvement after just one treatment.

It works in three stages:

OLAPLEX Number 1: This is a bond multiplier used at the back wash as a stand alone treatment or it can be mixed in with your hair colour.

OLAPLEX Number 2:  The bond perfector seals the treatment into the strands of the hair once the bleach or hair colour has been rinsed out. 

OLAPLEX Number 3:  You take this home and use it once a week  to enhance the treatments you had in salon.

Eufora Hair Treatments

We also offer a number of nourishing and beautifying Eufora treatments.  Lightweight and fast absorbing, these products deliver superb moisture, softness, and shine to your hair.