Men’s Hair Cuts

Men's Hair Cuts & Styles With The Best Barbers In Paignton, Devon

We love creating bespoke men’s haircuts and hair colours that reveal individual personality and style here at David Youll Hair Salon & Barbers in Paignton.

Set within our relaxed and friendly salon, our hairdressers and dedicated barber Spencer Troth are highly trained to create both classic gents' haircuts and the latest hair trends for men.  Male hair trends move fast so we ensure we are always up-to-date with the latest men’s hair trends and barbering techniques.  

If you are unsure which hairstyle will suit you, please take the time to talk to your stylist who will be happy to suggest some great hairstyles that will look perfect on you.  You can book your men's hair appointment at our hair salon in Paignton by calling 01803 524416 or book online.

Disconnected Men’s Hairstyles With Fades & Undercuts

Disconnected hair cuts are a popular choice for men’s hair.  As the name implies, we cut the hair short or shave it at the sides and back and leave some length on the top.   If you ask for an undercut, the sides and back of the hair are either completely shaved or clippered to the same length all the way round. With a fade, the hair gradually fades from longer down to shorter.  Your hair can then be worn in a quiff or pompadour, slicked straight back, to one side or left long and floppy.

Classic Hairstyles for Gents at Top Paignton Hair Salon

Preppy hairstyles can look great and really add to your sense of style, particularly if you’re a buttoned-up polo shirt and carrot jeans man. Ask for a parting and for your hair to be cut into a fade with longer hair on top. The hair can be as long or as short as you like on top – it all depends on how versatile you want your style to be.

Texturised Hair Cuts for Men

In our experience, most men are interested in a hair style that is well groomed during the day but can be restyled for a more relaxed look for a night out.  By adding layers and texture to your hair you can have the best of both worlds.  We can show you how to add hair wax, gel or pomade to your hair to give you a groomed look or a more ‘messy’ look for evenings out.

Men’s Long Hairstyles 

Long hair can look great on gents but it’s important to keep your hair looking healthy.  Make sure you have a regular trim every six to eight weeks and add a little conditioner when you wash your hair.  If your hair is curly, ask your stylist to add some layers to make it more manageable.  We are experts in creating hair styles for men so rest assured you will end up with a hairstyle you love. 

Book A Men's Hair Appointment At David Youll Hair Salon in Paignton

You can book your men's hair appointment at our hair salon in Paignton by calling 01803 524416 or book online.