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Hair Colour At David Youll Hair Salon in Paignton, Devon

If you are looking for a sensational hair colour that is kind to your hair and scalp but also looks vibrant and shiny, you will love the hair colour at David Youll Hair Salon in Paignton, Devon.

One of the hair colour products we love is hair colour, an innovative permanent dye which is suitable for vegans and contains no nasty ammonia or paraphenylenediamine (PPDs). It was created to supply salons and customers with a very safe product which is gentle on the skin and hair structure while also delivering great colour and shine.

We also use the high performance Pure Energy MC2 and M3K colour ranges which are available in more than 80 shades.  They can lift colour by up to four tones and completely cover grey and white hair.

Our colour technicians are all highly trained, qualified and experienced in all techniques from highlights & lowlights to classic shades likes blondes, brunettes and red-heads, to beautiful balayage and fashion hair colours.  We are also renowned for our hair colour transformations and colour corrections.

Please note:  If you are new to hair colour, or have not had your hair coloured with us for six months or more, you will require a quick patch test at least 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee at David Youll Hair Salon in Paignton

Our highly trained hairdressers will work tirelessly to ensure you are completely happy with your hair.  In the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied, we will work with you until you are.  It's our job to ensure you leave our salon looking and feeling amazing and we won't stop until we achieve that for you.

Professional Hair Colour & Colour Correction in Paignton, Devon





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Highlights & Lowlights

Foil highlights or lowlights are a very popular colour applications which create beautiful multi-tonal shades. You can opt fora full head of highlights – which is great for anyone who regularly wears their hair in an upstyle as it ensures an even hair colour all over – or half head of highlights which ensures the top and sides of the hair are covered.  A tint with scattered foils is an option which gives results of a more subtle highlighted or lowlighted colour.

Fashion Hair Colours  - Vibrant Shades & Pastel Colours

A quick look at our instagram page will show you some of the amazing hair colours we have created for our clients.  We can deliver just about any shade you desire, whether that is a subtle pink pastel hair colour, a vibrant fashion red or something inbetween!  Depending on your base hair colour, and the condition of your hair, it may take more than one appointment to reach your desired colour, so make sure you book in for a free consultation before you start your hair colour transformation journey.

Balayage & Ombré

Not sure what to ask for - ombré, balayage or root stretch?  Balayage means ‘to sweep’ so we use a ‘sweeping’ freehand motion to blend subtle shades vertically throughout your hair.  Balayage is usually used to create subtle sun-kissed streaks through the mid-lengths and ends for a multi-tonal look. Ombré gives a more defined demarcation line between the two colours used, giving a transition from a darker colour into a lighter colour, generally focusing the lighter colour towards the ends of your hair.  Root stretch is a variation on these two looks and, as the name suggests, we add darker colours near the root area so your roots look longer and less obvious, blending naturally with the rest of your hair. Whatever look you desire, talk to your David Youll colourist about your ideas so we can create a bespoke hair colour for you.  Find out more about balayage here.

Colour Correction & Colour Changes

Our colour specialists really do have the skill, knowledge and expertise to correct any hair colour disasters you may have experienced elsewhere. We are well known for our hair colour expertise so, if you are unhappy with your colour, please call us as soon as possible so we can help.  You can book in for a hair colour correction consultation with one of our friendly team, who will work with you to achieve the correct colour result for you.  The same goes for those of you who are considering a complete hair colour change.  Please do not try this at home as hair colour transformations are complex and require a professional touch.  Just give us a call on 01803 524416 and we will help to transform your hair.  Find out more about colour correction and colour changes.

Book Your Hair Colour Appointment at Paignton's Top Hair Salon 

If you are looking for the best hair colour in Devon, then look no further than David Youll Hair Salon in Paignton!  Call us on 01803 524416 to book in for a complimentary consultation or book your hair colour appointment using the pop up button to the right of this screen.  We look forward to seeing you soon.